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“Aziza” Claudia Gibson-Hunter

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The Work

Coming Soon
Playing to Win #7, 2018
Mixed media
39 x 37 inches
Playing to Win #12, 2018
Mixed media
39 x 37 inches
(Broken) Homes, 2015
Mixed media, black paint, newspaper clipping, and playing card
41 x 32 inches
Crossroad, 2015
Mixed media, bridge and playing cards
39 x 16 ¼ inches
Targeted: Prevent Flight, 2015
Mixed media, black paint, birds
43 x 52 inches

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Curator Essay

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gibson-Hunter received her BS from Temple University. After relocating to Washington, D.C. she received her MFA from Howard University. In her series Playing To Win, Gibson-Hunter utilizes a collage practice to pose the question of how one wins in life, suggesting that the answer to this question is essential to understanding the collective character of a country or of an individual. Her work reflects her thought process as she explores how we individually navigate society’s competitions and how the means of navigating define us as a community. By literally constructing an understanding of the country and society that includes all of us as moving pieces and exploring the intersections of morality, identity, patriotism, class, race, and ethnicity, Gibson-Huner invites the audience to ponder these questions of winning as a collective while also scrutinizing our individual self practices.

– Angelica Credle (VCU Painting + Printmaking, BFA 2021)

Artist Bio

“Aziza” Claudia Gibson-Hunter was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Temple University (BS) and received her MFA from Howard University. Aziza attended Bob Blackburn’s Printmaking Studio, the New York Arts Students League, and later received a fellowship from the Bronx Museum of Art. She joined “Where We At,“ a group of Black women artists in the early 1980s. Ms. Gibson-Hunter was an administrator at Parsons School of Design and a faculty member at Howard University and Bowie State University. Ms. Gibson-Hunter was awarded the Individual Artist Fellowship Program Grant from the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities several times. Her work can be found in the collections of the Washington DC Art Bank; the Liberian Embassy; Montgomery County, Maryland, and other noted collections. She completed two public commissions for the Washington, DC Department of General Services. The Wall of Unity (2017) and ANCESTORS (2019) are both located in Washington, DC public schools. In 2019 Ms. Gibson-Hunter was a Pyramid Atlantic Denbo Fellow. She is currently a co-founding member of Black Artists of DC (BADC), and a post-studio member of STABLE, a Washington DC arts community. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Ms. Gibson-Hunter has a studio in Washington, DC.